Summit of Math covers primary to secondary school curricula and identifies and addresses each student’s individual learning gaps through our proprietary Walk Me Through technology, personalized content pathways, and continuous assessment.

Summit of Math supports teachers by seamlessly integrating into the classroom to provide actionable data on skill mastery and learning gaps across curricula, classrooms, and individual students.

Summit of Math believes that all students can be successful so that we are enthusiastic at helping students develop a grow interest in math.

Walk Me Through

  • Break down questions into steps and self-adjusts for each student based on what they are getting right and wrong.
  • Coaching videos solve the questions completely so that students can address their gaps while practicing new material.
  • Students can open and close the Walk Me Through as they require, giving them full control to foster independent problem-solving skills.

Student’s Learn through Data.

  • Color-coded questions show whether questions are answered correctly and also if the student utilized support in the system in solving the problem.
  • The questions can be retried with a focus on the same skill but with new values to support mastery learning.
  • Students can use the numbers of stars in each lesson to plan their study so that every moment of revision is meaningful.

Building Self-Efficacy and Fostering Student Agency

Summit of Math is a beautifully designed and engaging digital learning environment with the goal of building self-efficacy and fostering agency within students.