Summit of Math is specially designed for teachers and students maximize teaching and learning efficiency.

This is achieved by real-time monitoring, grading and performance analyses so that teachers can focus on providing appropriate and timely instruction, mentoring, inspiration, and long-term planning.

We are determined to nurture problem solvers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners by providing the optimal learning environment.

Summit of Math is now available at Eye Level Centers. See our locations.

What are included in Summit of Math classes?

1. Introduction

Students receive feedback for previous assignments and do corrections.

2. Problem solving

Students receive the learning objectives for this lesson and start solving problems with the help of Summit.

3. Knowledge verification

Teachers check students’ learning data, verify their understanding, and conduct the targeted coaching.

4. Wrap up

Teachers summarize the lesson and assign homework. Consultation is then provided for parents.

Summit of Math and Eye Level

Learning mathematics is systematic – you cannot learn multiplication before addition. Struggling in mathematics indicates a poor foundation so learning school math is often not enough.

Improving school performances requires a foundational building to identify and close those gaps.

Summit of Math tackles learning difficulties at schools and Eye Level Math builds a strong foundation. They provide the perfect systematic process to ensure students understand their schoolwork while they build their foundation.

In as little as 3 months, students will see improvement in their math understanding.

Shortest response time

  • The 3-lesson cycle of traditional homework slows down students’ learning progress: 1) assign homework, 2) submit homework, 3) grading and feedback.
  • With Summit of Math, teachers know each students’ speed and accuracy as soon as they solve the problems. Their time can be utilized for analyzing students’ performance and providing personalized support and a long-term study plan.

When 80% does not mean 80%

  • Getting 80% in two chapters may not mean the two chapters are equally mastered.
  • Our unique SS (or Success Score) measures the amount of support that was used to solve problems.

The difference between the SS and achievement score which skills seem mastered but actually are not.

Targeted 10

  • In just 4 clicks, teachers can assign students 10 targeted math questions that are algorithmically generated and focused directly on filling their unique learning gaps.
  • Combining learning data allows teachers to make personalized reviews.