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A Personalized

Digital School Math Program

Why Summit of Math?

Summit of Math is specially designed for teachers and students maximize teaching and learning efficiency. This is achieved by real-time monitoring, grading and performance analyses so that teachers can focus on providing appropriate and timely instruction, mentoring, inspiration, and long-term planning. We are determined to nurture problem solvers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners by providing the optimal learning environment. Summit of Math is now available at Eye Level Centers.

What are included in Summit of Math classes?

How long does one class last for?

It will be around 45 mins per class.

Which grades are eligible for this program?

Primary 1 to Secondary 6 will be eligible for this program.

What learning materials are included?

  • Summit of Math platform access (i.e. both desktop & tablet versions)
  • Eye Level Math booklets assigned according to students' abilities
  • Corresponding Eye Level Math Tools

Summit of Math tackles learning difficulties at schools and Eye Level Math builds a strong foundation. They provide the perfect systematic process to ensure students understand their schoolwork while they build their foundation. In as little as 3 months, students will see improvement in their math understanding.

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Learning mathematics is systematic – you cannot learn multiplication before addition. Struggling in mathematics indicates a poor foundation so learning school math is often not enough. Improving school performances requires a foundational building to identify and close those gaps.

Summit of Math & Eye Level Math

Our Classes

Instructor will regularly analyze students’ performance and assign a suitable starting point and assignment on the system. The system will then identify the common mistakes and reinforce students’ performance on the “Targeted 10” individualized assessment. This helps improve their math skills.

Placement test / Follow up

“Targeted 10” individualized assessment

Learning and Review

“Walk Me Through” technology, embedded videos

Students are guided to understand all related concept by using “Walk Me Through”. It is personalized to let students learn through their mistakes by step-by-step solutions. Embedded coaching videos will additionally demonstrate the solutions and guide students to solve the problems themselves.


Grade 1 - Grade 6



Grade 7- Grade 12

(Grade 7 - Algebra 2)

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Themis Yeung

I think that the Summit of Math is a very useful and a fun way to learn Mathematics. It is like a game but also teaching you while playing. There are some videos teaching you about the question and also teaching you step by step how to solve the question. I like how we can collect stars and coins which we can exchange for coupons. It is just like a motivation for us to keep us learning and playing at the same time. It is very educational and I like it very much.

Kyran Chung


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